Commercial Storage Units

Self storage units perfect for Knoxville businesses

The Storage Your Business Needs

Businesses need commercial storage solutions for a variety of reasons.

From inventory to documents and everything beyond and between, storage units are a cheaper option for storing business items than purchasing warehouses or additional office or shop space.

Our Knoxville-area storage facilities proudly serve both residents AND businesses, offering storage units for commercial storage in Cedar Bluff, Farragut, and East Town.

Start renting today and ask about 24-hour access!

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Why Businesses Rent Self Storage

A few of the many reasons businesses rent storage units

More Affordable

If you compare the cost per square foot of office space, storefronts, and storage units, self storage comes out on top (by being on the bottom) every time! It’s one of the most cost-efficient storage solutions available to businesses.

Storing Inventory

Whether you’re a local business or an e-commerce store, there’s a high chance to start to feel the need for storage as your inventory grows. Expanding and adding product lines, an increase in customers leading to an increase in stock—it all needs more storage space!

Document Storage

Pharmacies and medical offices are no strangers to the need for additional storage space for physical documents due to government mandates. However, other businesses often store physical records, as well.

Contractor Equipment

Contractors work long hours. You get up before everyone else and come home after everyone else. The last thing you should need to worry about is how you’re going to store your equipment. Storage units solve your storage problems. Ask us about our 24-hour access!

Trade Show Gear

Too much swag building up in the spare office? Need a place to keep the tradeshow tablecloth, signage, and other items between events? A self storage unit is the perfect solution to your storage woes!

Spare Office Equipment

Sometimes you might have chairs, desks, computers, and other office equipment that just doesn’t have a place at the moment. Businesses often turn to commercial storage units to help store these items until they’re needed.

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